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August 13, 2013 0 Comments

The figurative table has turned at the Seeking Ambition residence – the Mr. is now traveling frequently for work, whereas I haven’t finished unpacking from my last trip abroad in May (!). My next trip back to the UK will not be until late September or October, so until then, I’m in full-time charge of keeping the home fires burning and feeding the troops (otherwise known as our three kitties).

the lord of the manor atop his pillowy throne

the lord of the manor atop his pillowy throne

Luckily for me, Mr. Seeking Ambition’s trips will generally be A) domestic and B) pretty short. Unluckily for me, he cooks 90% of my meals (my job provides the other 10%!) and spoils me 100% of the time, so during his trips I will starve and be unloved. WOMP WOMP

I was chatting with my mother the other day about this recent turn of events and she said, “So, what are you going to do to the house while he’s gone?” I laughed, but then realized she was making a valid point. Last year, we bought a “project house” (this is a polite way to describe the ugliest house in the neighborhood) and now spend roughly 86% of our net income at Home Depot. During my two trips to London in April and May, my husband made the following improvements to our home:

  • Demolished and rebuilt a bathroom
  • Built a walk-in pantry
  • Ripped out ugly cabinetry
  • Installed an overhead microwave
  • Wired and hung a chandelier in our dining room
  • Painted the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, and pantry
  • Put in a custom tile backsplash

So far this year, I’ve done the following:

  • Replaced the handles on our kitchen cabinets (although he drilled holes to fit them and then rehung any doors that were crooked)
  • Dropped a surprisingly heavy DeWalt drill on my bare foot
  • I think I may have gone to Home Depot with him and picked out paint colors? I can’t remember. Maybe it was a dream.


Perhaps the manual labor part of home improvement is not my forte, but there are definitely things I can do to improve our home in his absence. Namely, doing the dishes. And paying the electricity bill. And making sure that he has clean clothes and fluffy (albeit non-matching) towels waiting for him upon his return. My takeaway is that my husband is freaking awesome and I would be horribly lost without him. One of these days, though, I’d like to tackle something just a LITTLE tangible to feel like I’m contributing, and perhaps feel that strange tingle known as “pride of crafts(wo)manship”.

My question to you, world, is this: Which home repair project do you think I would be most successful at solo? (Note: I am defining success as “not injuring myself and/or others in the process”.)

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