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June 17, 2016 0 Comments

If you’re on the * deep breath – I can do this… I can do this… * internet (I did it!!!) at all these days, you’ve definitely encountered a meme. And whether you pronounce it “mēm” or the wrong way(s), you’ve probably had a laugh or two thanks to the charmingly named Fuck Jerry.

FuckJerry, Fuck Jerry, when you and your cat are fighting, what do you memeAmerica’s favorite pun purveyor made my day earlier this week when he announced a Kickstarter campaign to create a Cards Against Humanity-esque game called What Do You Meme?. He destroyed his fundraising goal in only 4 hours, as his target demographic (i.e., me and my friends) are on this like white on rice. I pledged $35 for the BeigeCardigan (that would be FuckJerry’s real-life wife) Basic Bitch Pack, which gets me the complete game when it comes out in October AND the BeigeCardigan Basic Bitch bonus deck. Because, duh.

what do you meme, fuck jerry, fuckjerry

From what I’ve gathered, everyone is given 7 Caption Cards to start. Whoever is the “Jerry” (the person with the most Instagram followers, or whatever other method you want to use to determine coolness) throws down a Photo Card, and everyone puts down the caption they feel will best make The Jerry pee his/her pants. It’s very Cards Against Humanity (it’s actually printed by the company that prints CAH), and I love it.

I can’t wait to host Game Night this fall!

P.S. I am totally planning a giveaway of this when it officially comes out! Maybe something along the lines of whoever comes up with the most ridiculous caption to something? Seems fitting!

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