Ten Things My Male Cat Does Which I Find Endearing, but Would Not Tolerate My Husband Doing

August 15, 2013 1 Comments
  1. Steal empty drink mix packets from the garbage and chew them furtively under the dining room table

  2. Arrange himself each night in our bed so that the first thing I see each morning is his ass in my face

  3. Barf multiple times a week on our cream-colored carpet

  4. Walk across the dining room table while I am trying to eat

  5. Swipe at my leg when I am walking past him

  6. Leave his uncovered feces out for all to admire

  7. Have a stomach so large that his feet disappear when he sits

  8. Run away in terror when I tear off a piece of Saran Wrap or tinfoil

  9. Annoy his sisters to the point where they scratch him on the face hard enough to create bald spots

  10. Impede traffic and potentially cause me to break my neck by sitting/napping on the staircase

Oh, did you want to walk here?

Oh, did you want to walk here? allow me to impede you.

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