Linus yawning, ten things my male cat does which I find endearing, but would not tolerate my husband doing

Ten Things My Cat Linus Does Which I Find Endearing, But Would Not Tolerate My Husband Doing

June 6, 2016 2 Comments

I have a confession to make. I often wake up with TWO men in my bed: my devastatingly handsome husband, Mr. Seeking Ambition; and my rakishly adorable cat, Linus.

There are certain things Linus does which I find swoon-worthy, but for which I would totally have my husband committed. I know I am not alone here. Astute readers may also remember this post where I discussed the many things my beloved late baby boy Luke got away with… I’m certain he would be very proud that Linus is coming up with a whole new list of ways to keep me enchanted.


  1. Rummage around in the trash looking for used Q-Tips to play with
  2. Steal straws right out of my drinks and chew on them
  3. Crawl up under the blankets from the foot of the bed
  4. Fall asleep with a lone snaggletooth exposed, or perhaps his tongue
  5. Force his way into the bathroom every time I go in there
  6. Emit tiny, mewling cries like an abandoned infant behind the front door when I approach from the outside to open it
  7. Experimentally chew on all cardboard boxes that enter the house
  8. Walk around meowing incredibly loudly until he finds the room I’m in
  9. Attempt to climb door jambs
  10. Have a “witching hour” of around 11:00PM when he runs around like a wild man, usually coinciding with when the lights have been turned off to go to bed

Do your furbabies get away with anything you wouldn’t let your partner do?

cat sleeping with tongue out

dat tongue!



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    June 6, 2016

    Where to start? For one thing, I wouldn’t tolerate him putting his toys in the food dish. For another if he curled up in my favorite chair I wouldn’t wait until his nap was over to reclaim it. Then again I have 5 cats and no partner so that kind of says everything you need to know about what I tolerate and what I don’t tolerate.

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      June 6, 2016

      Oh, Anne – I SO relate to this! I will sit on the floor if they’re sleeping on the couch; contort my body in strange positions to accommodate them in the bed… we truly are kindred spirits! LOL!

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