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Step AWAY From The Keyboard

June 16, 2016 0 Comments

I don’t know if it’s just a New England thing, but we tend to have… opinions about our neighboring states. For instance, I’ve lived in Massachusetts my entire life. We’re affectionately (?) known as Massholes, and if you spend any time on our roadways, you’ll find it’s a fitting nickname.

use ya blinkah, use your blinkah, use your blinker, masshole, massachusetts drivers

Spoiler alert: We never use our blinkers.

There’s all the sports rivalries, the bad driving, the funny regional accents… state superiority complexes run rampant. But now… there’s something ELSE to add to the mix. The folks over at Estately.com have compiled a fantastic list of what people are Googling more frequently than every other state.

what does each state Google more, questions each state Googles more than each other

Now, it’s important to note: These are not the most Googled questions in each state – merely what each state Googles more than any other state.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the results, shall we? A few gems from the list:

    • What is the American Dream?
    • How to be pretty?
    • You’ve figured it out!
    • Is magic real?
    • Why does everyone hate Florida?
    • Because you ask questions like this.
    • Why are my nipples so sore?
    • I… I don’t know.
    • What does “Netflix and Chill” mean?
    • Is Netflix down?
    • Question asked, question answered.
    • What are jorts?
    • How to make a baby?
    • Answer to #2: Don’t wear jorts.
    • Am I pregnant?
    • If you have to ask…
    • Am I a psycho?
    • This seems like another one to file under the “If you have to ask…” category.
    • How to stop Trump?
    • Is time travel possible?
    • I never thought I would say this, but New Jersey: YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.
    • How to open a jar?
    • Sweet Jesus.
    • Why can’t I poop?
    • < bangs head repeatedly against wall >
    • Who or whom?
    • Are unicorns real?
    • A grammar question! I love it! Aaaaand then… I hated it.
    • Do girls poop?
    • Yes. Unless they live in Pennsylvania.

Stupidity is the great equalizer, my friends!

(Fun fact: “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” is a family favorite – my brother and I have hate-loved this song since the day it came out back in 1997. We often sing the lyrics in faux operatic tones and yodel the “yippee yi, yippee yay” part to annoy my mother/our spouses/anyone else within earshot. When my oldest niece was about 3 or so, she picked up on the yodeling part pitch perfectly – I’ve never been prouder.)

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