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Postcards from the Edge

August 29, 2016 2 Comments

My husband and I love to go antiquing (that’s a verb now, right?). In between looking at curio cabinets and trinkets with which to fill them, I always manage to find myself cross-legged on the floor sifting through a box of old postcards. Something about this particular form of communication, meant initially as ephemera, registers deeply with me. Who were the people who sent these cards? Who received them? Something tells me neither party ever thought about someone else reading their mail twenty, forty, sixty years in the future. But the very nature of a postcard is that the written word is out there for all to see.

I’ve amassed a pretty large collection of postcards from the past from all over the world. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with them… the ambitious (ha! see what I did there!) part of me would love to see if I can track down who some of the senders and recipients were and learn a bit about their lives – perhaps turn it into a book. For now, however – I’m going to share a few of my favorites with you. Baby steps, and such.


Postcards from the Edge, old postcards, ephemera, Blonde Seeking Ambition, Central Gardens Morecambe, Morecambe


This couple is vacationing in Morecambe, a lovely seaside resort town in Northern England.

Harry is thinking of having a sail to Isle of Man next Wed. He’s doing very well. If he can’t manage this well, I don’t know to do with him.

Some couples just really don’t enjoy spending time together.


Postcards from the Edge, Washington DC, U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court Building, old postcards, Blonde Seeking Ambition, ephemera, card friend


This card, sent during World War II, is just so charming. What on Earth is a “Card Friend”? I must know. I want one. And the message is just so freaking adorable… like “I liked the photo you sent me. Here is a picture for you.” #imdying #imdead


Postcards from the Edge, old postcards, ephemera, Blonde Seeking Ambition, The Little Church Around The Corner, The Church of the Transfiguration


Who is Topsy? WHAT is Topsy? I’m hoping for a pet, but I’m not counting out some upper-crust socialite with a really unfortunate, vomit-inducing nickname.


Postcards from the Edge Miami Royal Palm Yacht Basin, Blonde Seeking Ambition, old postcards, ephemera


I will get you an alligator handbag, would you like that?

Why, yes I would!

Tell Pop that I still have that box of cigars that I got in Cuba for him.

Johnny is such a good boy.


Postcards from the Edge Concord, St Paul's Concord, St Paul's School, Blonde Seeking Ambition, old postcards, ephemera


Say, I hear you’ve got a still. Save some for me.

I’m really wanting to know if this is coming from a St. Paul’s student or a staff member – it’s a high school, so either way… it’s hilarious!


Postcards from the Edge Chicago, New Chicago Post Office, Blonde Seeking Ambition, old postcards, ephemera


how the hell are you

got to catch train now

so long

It’s like an almost-haiku for the ages! Chuck is the poet we didn’t know we needed.


I hope you enjoyed reading other people’s mail as much as I did! And if you know how/who/what Topsy is, I’m all ears… as I’m hoping Topsy is too!





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    Anne Raymond

    September 7, 2016

    Love it! I have a big collection of Hartford postcards. I love reading what people wrote. I call it the Twitter of the day. I gave my sister some for Christmas a few years ago. They were of our little town back in the day. The message on one – “The peppermints were a surprise.” Say what? Were they a good surprise, a tasty surprise, a welcome surprise? I’d like to know. I also like the first color postcards – they’re horrible. Interesting to see people ditch beautiful, detailed black and white postcards for the new technology – fuzzy color. I have one of Elizabeth Park in Hartford – apparently the ducks were pink back then & fuzzy. So much for progress!

    • Reply


      September 7, 2016

      I’m literally laughing out loud over the peppermints… I want to know what kind of a surprise too! Did the recipient HATE peppermints? I have so many questions!

      You are SO correct about the first color postcards. The quality is absolutely atrocious, but you know people must have been snapping them up. Fuzzy pink ducklings… it’s a shame those went extinct 😉

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