May 28, 2012 1 Comments

Life’s been pretty crazy lately, but having people ask me why I stopped posting really made my first half of 2012. Thank you – you know who you are.

Exciting things are on the horizon for me – Mr. Seeking Ambition and I are moving. Currently, we both commute 2+ hours each way to work, and our new home is 4.7 miles from my office. I will soon have several extra hours in my week, during which I plan to: work on my writing, learn Mandarin Chinese, spend time with friends and family, and continue to neglect doing the laundry until the only other viable option is buying an entirely new wardrobe. (This is not in any particular order. In fact, ignoring the laundry will be the primary activity – I can do this at the same time as all of the other things on the list. Multitasking for the win!)

A few things I have learned over the past few months:

  • My husband and I have more books than we will ever be able to read in our lifetimes
  • I like gluten, but it doesn’t like me
  • I need to come up with an interesting story to tell after the first commercial break for when I am a contestant on Jeopardy!
  • Writing must become a scheduled activity, along with thinking about doing Pilates

Now that I am moving so close to my office, I will be working from home much less frequently. I am actually very happy about this, for a variety of reasons. One major bonus is that my home office will become much more conducive to creativity. I always struggled with working a full day at home and then sitting back down in front of the same computer to write at night. (I realize this might sound ridiculous, as I will still be working a full day in front of a computer, but I will be sitting at a different computer at night. Don’t judge… it makes sense to me.)

So, I am making a virtual pinky-swear promise that you’ll be hearing from me a lot more frequently. And if I sound distracted at all, it’s because I’m thinking about not doing my laundry.

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    June 4, 2012

    Glad to have you back!

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