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September 3, 2013 3 Comments

Remember the halcyon days of yore, when you actually had to take film somewhere to be developed? Ah, ’twas a simpler time, a time of having to “use up” the last few shots on a disposable camera by making funny faces with your friends. A time of excitedly tearing open the package of developed pictures, only to discover that your thumb was prominently featured in two-thirds of the shots. A time before you had to look at people’s half-eaten meals every time you signed into Facebook (which itself didn’t exist and even if it did, you wouldn’t have been able to access it anyway because you only had dial-up internet at home and your mom needed to make a phone call RIGHT NOW).

Today, however, most people take their pictures digitally, either by using a smartphone or an actual camera (I know – a bold move) . I have an iPhone and happily admit that I use it to take copious amounts of photos of my cats. (Don’t judge me; I don’t have kids yet.) I am willing to accept the various artfully-framed cough , sepia-toned, heavily filtered photos of mailboxes and flowers and grilled cheese sandwiches that clog my Facebook feed in exchange for the ability to take and post cat pictures whenever I want to.


Apparently, I’ve been missing out on something, though: CAT PHOTOSHOP. Jezebel had a great article on people who are Photoshopping pictures of their cats by fluffing up fur, removing eye crusties, or digitally recreating missing pieces of ears. This seems awesome, yet unnecessary. I mean, who can improve on this?


Wait, you’re right – those tulips could be a little more centered.


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    Sunny McDonough

    September 3, 2013

    Blonde girl, are those your grossly obese cats?? I’m just curious, because I plan to read everything you write, as long as your not overfeeding your “kids”. This is a 100%serious question. And if you tell me they have thyroid issues, I may just die!!

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      Blonde Seeking Ambition

      September 3, 2013

      Those are my fat kitties… I promise I am not pumping them full of Iams MiracleGro! Luke (the white/orange one) is about 26 pounds; Leia (the tabby) is about 19 pounds. Hobo Kitty (the black one) is actually normal-sized – she “only” weighs about 9 pounds, or approximately 1/3 of Luke. We tried putting them on a diet earlier this year, but it was so tough to manage because we both work outside of the home. I think they ate all of Hobo’s share by muscling her out of the way!

      If anyone has tips on successfully getting their cats to slim down (not involving cat liposuction, which is probably also a thing that exists), let me know!

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    September 4, 2013

    I can feel with you when it comes to taking million photos of our own cats 😀 It´s fun. I also agree that it is not really necessary to photoshop the photos as cats are just beautiful. But some photo effects can be pretty cool and improve the images a lot. Apart from photoshop, some smartphone apps like Pixelomatic, Instagram and so on are already enough for the job. I love to see a picture in different moods.

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