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Need a Vacation? Choose Your Own Adventure (Or Misery!)

July 6, 2016 1 Comments

Having a hard time adjusting ♫ back to life, back to reality ♫ after the long weekend? I totally understand. There’s something doubly cruel about being trapped inside by The Man on beautiful days like this, only to escape during lunch time to discover that it’s approximately 213° inside your car.

However, now there’s something that will make the hellish asphalt landscape of your office parking lot seem like a peaceful stroll along the shore! Introducing…

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Remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books of the 80s and 90s? This is SO MUCH BETTER. I was blissfully wandering the aisles of Barnes & Noble the other day when it called to me from its perch on the shelf. I started flipping through it (I’m a bit of a rulebreaker) and literally started laughing out loud.

(Editor’s note: One of the very best things about being in one’s thirties is no longer giving a shit when people look at you strangely for laughing alone in public. Sorry/not sorry for having retained my childlike sense of wonder and joy.)

Anyhow, given passages such as:

Whatever, the point is it’s no big deal if this crystal therapist decides to give you a quick pat down. Or, you know, a lingering one. Should you ask her to do it again? Honestly, it’s the first time in months anyone has touched you in a way that even approaches intimacy. Unless you count that time you hugged the pizza guy and started crying, but even if you did, it’s not like you hugged him with your genitalia.

…this is definitely not the book you remember from your childhood!

Once I saw it, I instantly knew I needed to 1) get a copy for myself, and 2) give a copy away to a reader! One lucky reader will be the proud adventurer through the dystopian hellscape created by Mike MacDonald and Jilly Gagnon, two people with very long histories of writing comedy, satire, and generally brilliant things. (They both wrote for The Onion, so you know they’re good.)

The Rafflecopter runs until Sunday, July 10th at 11:00PM.
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