January 5, 2013 0 Comments

I’m leaving for London tomorrow and am horrifically unprepared. I haven’t packed (in fact, I haven’t even unpacked from when I came home from Texas two weeks ago) and just about every single article of clothing I own needs to be washed and/or ironed. So, I rode my wave of unproductivity as long as possible, but today, I have to Get Shit Done.

Panic Level Midnight: I started the first of 400 loads of laundry, pulled out my passport, found my international power adaptors, blah blah blah. I decided to quickly check which one of my credit cards would hose me the least in transaction fees while I was abroad. Thankfully, Capital One doesn’t charge one (score!), AND their online chat representative, Remo, inadvertently gave me a laugh I desperately needed:

I love a good “typo”, as Remo refers to it (in my world, it’s juggling too many IM windows at once. I can’t help but wonder: which Jefferson? Thomas Jefferson? George Jefferson? Even better… what if they got together and had a baby?

I should probably get back to packing instead of watching clips from “The Jeffersons” on YouTube. Anyone have any suggestions on things to take/do/see in London?

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