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January 2, 2013 0 Comments

I had grand plans to bake bread from scratch today – like, for realsies from scratch. Yesterday, I even busted out the dough hook for my KitchenAid stand mixer and set it aside on the counter.

However, after ringing in New Year’s Eve with pinkies out at a swanky dinner dance (and then continuing to whoop it up on a friend’s boat long into the wee hours), I closed my eyes at 4:00AM. When I finally dragged myself out of bed, the only thing I wanted to do with the dough hook was use it to end my champagne-induced misery.

So, for my first gluten-free baking project of the year, I cheated. After some brief rummaging around in my pantry, I found a package of Bob’s Red  Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread mix. (Factoid: If you happen to live in the New England area, Ocean State Job Lot is a great place to find inexpensive Bob’s Red Mill items of all kinds, both with and without gluten.) I stocked up on some interesting-looking GF mixes the other day and cornbread was the first one to get tossed into my cart.

All I needed was some milk (cow, rice, soy – whatevs), 2 eggs, and a bit o’ buttah… and my previously mentioned KitchenAid. Naturally, though, I couldn’t find my 9X9 baking pan. So I decided to wing it and use a 9″ round pan. (I know, I know… I’m kind of a maverick.)
25 minutes later:
Many thanks again to my brother-in-law, who HANDMADE this cutting board. So beautiful!
Verdict: A little lumpy, a little bumpy, but tasty as hell. It’s smooth, mild (I’m thinking you could jazz it up with a bit of spice to complement your chili) and definitely better than the gritty, chemical taste of most mixes (Jiffy, I’m looking at you).
Nailed it, bro.

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