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Fall at Niagara Falls

· a little upcoming Canadian vacation ·

September 17, 2016 0 Comments

Mr. Seeking Ambition and I are planning a little getaway to Canada this fall – more specifically, to Niagara Falls. It seems like something you should see once in your life, and we’re in the mood to get outside and see something beautiful… especially after this long, hot summer.

Has anyone ever been there before? Can you share any things you loved/hated/etc? We are also planning to go to Toronto, or “The 6” as my man Drake calls it.

Blonde Seeking Ambition, Drake, Drizzy, The 6

Fun Drake fact: In the song “Best I Ever Had,” my mother is firmly convinced that Drake is saying “you’re a fucking mess” instead of “you’re the fucking best”.

We’re staying on the Canadian side, which is apparently the “better” side according to reliable sources (that would be my mother. She and my dad honeymooned there in 1969.) Anyone been there a little more recently?

Where are YOU all going this fall? Anyone got any vacations planned?

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